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Tuls Dairies is committed to its cows, its environment and its communities while it produces fresh, high-quality milk consumers enjoy every day. Todd Tuls, owner of Tuls Dairies, and his son, T.J., who operates the Rock Prairie Dairy, are third-and fourth-generation dairy farmers. Tuls Dairies is a family-farming business currently operating dairy farms in Nebraska and Wisconsin — Butler County Dairy and Double Dutch Dairy in Nebraska and Rock Prairie Dairy, Pinnacle Dairy and Emerald Sky Dairy in Wisconsin. Tuls Dairies also operates Summit Calf Ranch in Nebraska and Trinity Feed Yard in Kansas where calves, heifers and steers are raised.

Tuls Dairies contributes to local economic prosperity and growth. Dairy is more than a way of life; it provides immense economic benefits for people and communities throughout Wisconsin and Nebraska. Wisconsin has certainly earned its reputation as America’s Dairyland. The dairy industry contributes $43.4 billion to the Wisconsin economy. The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board also estimates that for every dollar a dairy farm spends; the local economy benefits by $2.50 to $3.00 from wages and other business transactions. In Nebraska, annual milk sales top $300 million.

Focusing on Our Cows

Strong commitment to animal health, animal comfort and animal nutrition. 

Protecting our environment

Facilities designed to exceed regulatory requirements. 

Producing High-Quality Milk

Producing the highest quality milk that benefit consumers, communities and the world. 

Carrying on a legacy of dairy farming

Family owned and operated farms with a desire to advance the industry.

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Herd Health

A key part of our day-to-day focus on all of our dairies.
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Focusing on Herd Health

Best in class herd management practices, developed over four generations, helps us to consistently maintain the healthiest herd possible. Learn More

Nutrient Management

Protecting surface and groundwater through best management practices.
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Comprehensive Nutrient Management

A Nutrient Management Plan combines conservation practices with management activities to ensure proper utilization of manure and other nutrients generated at the farm. Learn More

Animal Nutrition

Custom-designed diets for our cows.
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Customized Animal Nutrition

Our professional nutritionists use a scientifically balanced approach to nutrition and animal health. Learn More

Quality Milk

Proud of our outstanding record of producing the highest quality milk.

Our Passion. Your Milk.

We are proud of our outstanding record of delivering a safe, nutritious and high-quality product to you as a consumer!
If you are interested in joining our team at one of our dairies in either Nebraska or Wisconsin, please contact us today! We are proud to provide family-supporting jobs and are always looking for dedicated workers.