To Our Communities

Our Commitment to Our Communities

Todd and T.J. Tuls live in the communities where they farm. They are local farmers supporting their local communities.

Tuls Dairies’ more than 200 employees earn family-sustaining wages, send their children to local schools and shop in local stores. Tuls Dairies locations in both Nebraska and Wisconsin annually contribute tens of millions of dollars to the local economy in local purchases of hay, grain, farm and vet services, utilities and other services from local providers.

The Tuls family also believes in investing in future generations. That’s why Tuls Dairies returns approximately 10 percent of net earnings to the community and to programs geared toward helping youth.

Todd sums up the family’s philosophy simply, “We believe it’s important to invest in the next generation. We invest in the younger generation to help them achieve.”

Community contributions that support youth take many forms. Local libraries and reading campaigns that encourage kids to learn have benefitted from contributions from Tuls Dairies. So have community projects that support youth activities such as local sports fields and ag-focused youth programs like 4-H and FFA. Tuls Dairies participation in Career Days also helps students learn more about the importance of the ag industry.

Tuls Dairies has supported a national phone in and online teen help network called The Hope Line. It gives teens an outlet to seek help and support for daily problems and issues.

In addition to its ongoing contributions to a variety of programs, Tuls Dairies contributes to specific efforts to help improve the quality of life in their home communities and states. Todd purchased a former YMCA in Columbus, Nebraska and helped repurpose it into a contemporary worship venue that features a coffee shop, recreational facilities like basketball and tennis courts and offers a variety of youth programs. Several years ago when the Nebraska community of Shelby was in danger of losing its local grocery store, Todd and several other investors purchased the store so that it could continue to serve local residents.

In Wisconsin, Rock Prairie Dairy and Emerald Sky Dairy are major contributors to efforts to build Farm Wisconsin — a state-of-the-art agricultural education center that has been built in Manitowoc County. Farm Wisconsin will provide hands-on opportunities for visitors of all ages to learn about agriculture and dairy and its economic, social and historic impact. A commitment to community education about the importance and benefits of agriculture is something that has always been close to Todd’s heart and Tuls Dairies is dedicated to helping people from all walks of life learn more about dairy farming.

Todd Tuls and everyone at Tuls Dairies believe that contributing to the community is an investment in the future and in future generations.