Trinity Feed Yard

Welcome to Trinity Feed Yard

Trinity Feed Yard provides a single location where Tuls Dairies cares for its older calves, heifers and steers. Trinity Feed Yard is located in Kansas and was established in 2015. The prime location provides the climate, access to feed and facilities necessary for its 27,600 calves, heifers and steers. All calves arrive at Trinity Feed Yard when they are five months old and receive excellent care to ensure that they are healthy until they are ready for milking or market.

Kansas’ dryer, warmer weather and access to large continuous acres of excellent feed ensure healthy growth and animal management. Trinity Feed Yard features lots of open space, ample feed storage, a working feed mill, availability of local feed, room for growth and a nearby market for its steers. Those factors add up to sustainability and a continuity of excellent care.

Quick Facts:
• 27,600 animals
• 27 employees

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